Guild Organisation and Structure

Guild Organisation

To faciltate training and and standards across the Guild, itis divided in to Chapters and Study Groups


Guild Master - The Head of the Guild

When Founding the Guild it was decided that that there should be one head of the whole organisation. To maintain standards and for  final arbitrationof matters relating to the Guild. As the Philosophy and approach behind the Guild stemed from John Waller, he agreed to take on that role. Wheil warry of titles, especially those with negative connections such as Master, as Head f the Guild he wuld be the Guild Master. The title Master in the Guild has no implication of Mastery in the skills but rather in the role as head of something.

While John Waller would not be directly involved in the running and teaching in the Guild. That would fall to Jonathan Waller and Steve Tappin, co-founders. They would be Senior Teachers 

Senior Teacher




The Guild is primarily divided in to Chapters, each headed by a Chapter Master who is answereable to the corperationb of the Guild, for the Chapter.

The Chapter should be able to provide a signifcant part of the Guilds  Syllabus within its training.

However not everyone has access to a Chapter in their areas and if they cant gain access to fuller Guild training the Guild may offer the opertunity to run a Study Group to allow, people to work within the Guilds structure under supervision while they develop their skills


  • Chapter Master
  • More of the Syllabus
  • Greater Indepedance
  • Deeper knowledge 

Study Group


  • Group Leader
  • Smaller range of Syllabus
  • Supervised by Guild
  • Smaller knowledge

The  Principles serve as the foundation for all we do


John Waller

Guild Master - Founder


An orginatort of whathas now become the wiser and more popular study of Historical Combat styles

Jonathan Waller

Guild Secretary - Founder


Steve Tappin




If it could have happened how would it have happened

-John Waller, Guild Master 


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Orchid Masonry

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Overland Masonry

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