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This maybe of interest for UK based former students who are keen on combat.
LAMDA (London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art) Royal Armouries The British Guild of Stage Combat Art of Fighting - Theatre Combat  EuropeanHistorical CombatGuild The European Historical Combat Guild
Internship (Performance and Combat Demonstrations)
37.5 hours per week between July and December 2018
£14,000 pa (pro rata)
The Royal Armouries cares for one of the world’s oldest museum collections, housed at its headquarters and flagship museum in Leeds, its historic home at the Tower of London, and the Victorian Fort Nelson in Hampshire.
We’re looking for a keen, committed performer and stage fighter to intern with our Live Interpretation Team in Leeds for six months between July and December 2018.
During the internship you will train with our in-house display combat specialists to learn and perform a range of historic combat choreographies and dramatic performances both in and out of armour, as part of a daily and special event programme designed to bring our national, iconic and unique collection to life. You will also have the opportunity to work with our world-class Collections team to enhance your knowledge and understanding of original arms and armour from antiquity to the modern day.
The successful candidate will be a dedicated and passionate performer, will have studied drama and dramatic combat, and will be an adaptable, enthusiastic learner too! If this sounds like you, please email  HYPERLINK "mailto: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it " This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for an application pack. The assessments will take place in London on 25 April 2018, and will include a selective audition, a workshop and an interview over one full day.
A Police Check will be requested in the event of a successful application. Please refer to the job description for the level of check required. A criminal record would not necessarily be a bar to employment.

Deadline for applications:  18 April 2018
Interviews: 25 April 2018

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Petition to redisplay Arms and Armour at V&A

A petition has been set up to get the V&A here in London to open up it's large collection of European Arms and armour out for public display. 
I remember some of it being able to be viewed, but even then it was tucked away.

Follow the link below to sign





The Guild brings together individuals and groups studying and teaching historical combat. through the Principles and philosophies advocated by John Waller.

The Guild has Chapters and Study Groups spread across Europe.

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Two leather caestus of twork different types found preserved at the auxiliary fort f Vindolanda...


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Ethics in HEMA/Swordsmanship

Guy Windsor asked some questions in his blog asking for replies you can find my streamed answers below.
You may want to add your own replies to guys blog HERE
1) When is it ok to stab someone in the face with a sword?
When they are trying to stab you or someone in need of protection or assistance, in the face with their sword or other life threatening object.
2) What is the one thing you find most useful about swordsmanship training outside the salle?
Not sure I can qualify it down to one thing. Also I have in effect been doing this my whole life and without sounding too grand, I make no distinction of in or out of places where one is specifically training.. to me it's all degrees. The Principle or Principles that would be the most important, and to me they are flip sides of the same coin would be Awareness/Intent
3) How important is history to you in your practise of swordsmanship?
History is important for everything in my opinion , you can not truly know where you are unless you know from whence you came., whether as an individual, a society/culture or as a species. Given that the practice of historical martial skills is the resurrection of dead arts, without striving to make sense of the historical context that created them means that one is dealing with.... a zombie for lack of a better metaphor
4) Can a duel settle a matter of honour?
First define honour! wink emoticon The define the ways it can be attacked or diminished and then the ways that it would be ok to defend or regain those notions of honour. Perhaps If one can define what it is then it may be possible to deal with in the infringement of ones personal honour by someone else who shares that view point with a physical contest. From my feelings of honour, and in the modern world we live in I find it hard to reconcile a notion of honour with a physical contest, of a duel, which is a Monkey Dance (see Rory Miller) with cultural trappings layered on in am attempt to make it more acceptable. In the Historical context I can understand the aspects that drove people to duel, as notions of self defence , or the defence of self then encompassed both he notion of defending ones physical self and well being and the self by which you identified yourself and held your position in society. To quote from El Cid, "Can a man (person) live without honour?" Perhaps and perhaps not but then the question is At what point can anyone other than yourself be held responsible for it or harming it. It is my thesis that when people talk about matters of honour it s not to do with personal honour but rather social reputation. One then also needs to consider the social aspect that produces the notion of reputation/honour
5) Can violence be beautiful?
Define Violence and define beauty, then define the context within which those aspects are taking place. The violence of nature, a storm, raging seas or rivers can have a beauty when viewed from the outside. The appreciation of the beauty can soon disappear once inside it or on the receiving end of it. But then we have to consider how one is accustomed to the nature fo the violence were discussing. I would put forward that aspects of the physicality of violent actions etc can have a beauty of efficiency and effect in the notion of how it neutralises the danger, threat or situation. But if we are discussing the violence in the sense of what it actually does to other living beings, and leaving then broken maimed or dead, and ourselves and our surrounding covered in the gore a bodily fluids.... if we find that beautiful.... well what does that make us
6) To what extent is the practice of swordsmanship the cultivation of virtue?
First define virtue or rather virtues. The practice of any skill, especially one that involves person risk will or should cultivate discipline and awareness, and a clarification of Intent amongst other things, if only in the field being studied. Whether that bleeds over and affects the individual outside of the field will depend on the individual.
7) Is the study of ethics necessary for martial artists?
The consideration of ethics is something we as humans should all do. As people developing the skills and mindsets for harming, crippling and killing people then it is of even more importance, for if we don't then we are just playing at it like fantasists playing make believe. There is the argument put forward that not all the arts we study were intended with such serious goals, but even then if we do not consider the actuality of the game that were are playing then we are just as bad.

William Cavendish transcription available

Thanks to Dave Rawlings of London Longsword Academy for transcribing and making available Cavendish's work for, I believe, the first time


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