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Only so many ways to skin a cat!

We have always held that there are, regardless of cultural packaging, given the human body and mind set and similar tactical situations and weapons types, the solutions will be similar. This is an example to support that.

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The Guild Inaugural Seminar at The Royal Armouries, 2001

By Jonathan Waller, Guild Secretary

The event took place from the 3rd – 5th of August 2001 at the Royal Armouries, Leeds, the purpose built museum of arms and armour. This special event marked the official unveiling of the Guild and was the first chance for Guild members from the Guilds chapters in Europe and America to come together to exchange knowledge and to train together in the special surroundings of The Royal Armouries. Over 60 people attended from 7 countries. A wide variety of backgrounds were represented, Guild members, academics, martial artists, historical combat researchers, all sharing an interest in European historical combat.

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The Guilds Annual Seminar, The Royal Armouries 2002

By Stuart Ivinson. Leeds Chapter.

A brief account of the EHCG Annual Seminar, 2002.

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