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Students will be assessed on their progress throughout their training. This assessment will take place continually and informally and will be carried by their regular teachers.

Scholars are expected to train at least once a year with a Guild Senior Teacher.  This assessment will normally be made during an official Guild Seminar. This is made to ensure that all members are achieving their full potential from the training, and to confirm the judgements made by the scholars teacher.

More formal examinations take place when a scholar progresses through the levels within the Guild.


Scholar to Free Scholar/Journeyman

Journeyman to Teacher

Teacher to Senior Teacher.

Apart from these, the Guild does not conduct official grading as part of the progress of the scholar or for the attainment of certificates. Rather is expected that the Scholar should be motivated themselves to train to achieve their full potential, The time taken will vary between individuals and also will vary according to parts of the syllabus being studied. At times individuals will make progress fatter than others.

Scholars will be tested during their studies on a regular basis to gauge their understanding and progress with their physical skills and to see hw they respond to different forms and levels of pressure. Again these tests are for development of the individual rather than for progress through a preset grading structure.