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Progress and Development

Taking Inspiration from the Medieval Guild System and the London Masters of Defence, the EHCG has the following system for tacking development. Taking inspiration from the workes of Italian Master Fiore Dei Liberi and the Guilds own badge.progress is marked by garters, each garter having a different colour


Free Scholar



Senior Teacher

(We have avoided the the use of the Term Master in regards to teaching and the practice of the art. It is contentious as to what they nay actually mean, not least in a the revival or recreation of a dead lineage, and with skills which we are not practicing with their original Intent or field of Practice. We use here the term Practice in the connotation of the doing of something rather than the theory of it, rather than the more common modern analogy   of training.)

These levels are signified and represented by different colours and these are displayed by appropriately coloured ribbons and garters.