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Guild Objectives and History


In 1999 John Waller, Jonathan Waller and Steve Tappin founded The European Historical Combat Guild (hereafter called 'The Guild') to bring together individuals or groups which share a belief in and practice the philosophies advocated by John Waller whilst learning or teaching European historical combat.

Guild membership gives:


1. The opportunity to train within a common structure

2. The chance to exchange ideas and benefit from the expertise offered by the Guild's teachers.

3. The chance to stimulate the exchange of knowledge and discussion between academics and the practitioners of the physical skills associated with European historical combat, in order to facilitate an overall improvement in the understanding of our subject.

The goal of study and training is for the individual to gain understanding of historical combat forms and acquire ability in the use of those forms both armed and unarmed. Although use is made of the surviving materials left by the historical masters, the intention is not to recreate their styles of combat as such. Rather through studying their work the intention is that the individual will become a more proficient practitioner, themselves.

In the years since its founding the Guild has continued to grow and develop both as an organisation and through the skills and knowledge of its members and teachers.

The Guild continues to take strength from the diverse nature of its membership, that are strengthened by  not only the common interest in historical combat but as friends.