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Guild Structure

Division of the Guild

The Guild is divided into Chapters and Study Groups


A Chapter is a group of Guild members, that has shown itself to be of a consistently high standard in its commitment and application to the Philosophy, training and spirit of the Guild. A Chapter generally contains a member of the level of Teacher or Senior Teacher. The Charter to become a Chapter is only granted by the Guild Master or Secretary. A Chapter Master heads each Chapter. The Master of the Guild appoints Chapter Masters who is answerable directly to the Guild Master.

Study Groups

A group Guild members who have not yet been granted the Charter to form a Chapter. A study group generally does not have access to a Teacher or Senior Teacher level. A study group is headed by a Study Group Leader, who is appointed by the Guild Master and who is generally the groups senior Instructor. All study groups and their leaders are directly answerable to the Guild Master, though they may be off shoots from a Chapter.

Division of Membership

Guild Members are divided between following levels.

  • Guild Master
  • Teachers
  • Scholars

Guild Master

The Head and Founder of the Guild, John Waller


These members have trained through the Guild Syllabus and have been awarded a Teaching level. There are two levels, Senior Teachers and Teachers. There are also Instructors and Assistants who are involved in training members but have not qualified to the full title of Teacher

Senior Teachers

Senior Teacher can teach the full syllabus and train members up to the preparation for becoming a Senior Teacher. Senior Teachers will generally be running or teaching in Chapter and may also be a Chapter Master.


Can teach the syllabus up to the level of Free Scholar/Journeymen. Teachers will generally be teaching under a Senior Teacher, or on their own in a Chapter.


These are members who are responsible for training members within a study group. They are scholars or Free scholars and have not yet reached the level of a Teacher but have been judged competent to instruct the members in their group, while they continue to develop their own skills,


These are scholars or Journeymen/Free scholars who assist with the teaching/instruction, within a Chapter/group. This is not an official position of the Guild and as such assistants will be appointed by individual Teachers/Instructors.

Scholar Levels

Scholars are members of the Guild who are in the process of training and developing their knowledge and skills.

Free scholar/Journeyman

This is someone who has gone through the core training of the syllabus as a Scholar. As a Journeyman/Free scholar they will continue to train and develop their understanding and skill and may well specialise in specific weapons, styles or the study of historical sources. They are also expected to develop their teaching skills, as this will also help to further their understanding. A free scholar may also be training toward becoming a Teacher


These are members of the Guild who are currently training within the Guild syllabus

There are 3 levels of scholar within the Guild, Foundation, Intermediate and Senior. These levels are used as guidelines for study and understanding, and aspects from each will be revisited as the scholar progresses.