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Guild Philosophy

The philosophy, teaching and beliefs of the Guild are those advocated by John Waller, the Guild Master. These have been used successfully for over 40 years in the practice and teaching of European Historical combat. It is held that there are certain factors that can be held to determine the way in which a combat takes place. They are:


  • The intention of the combatants
  • Body mechanics (Physiology and Psychology)
  • The design intention weapons being used
  • The clothing/protection worn by the combatants
  • The Physical environment in which the combat takes place
  • The Social environment in which the combat takes place


The Guilds system is based upon the Principles, which are found mentioned directly or implied in the works of the ancient masters as well as being shared by other martial arts around the world.

Each person will train and develop their skills through the use of the Principles

All weapons training should encourage students to become aware of their body's responses when carrying out various physical actions of action and response, and how these may be controlled. We hoold that this awareness can be experienced from the very beginning of training, if all offensive or defensive actions are made using the Principles, build from the core Awareness, Body mechanics and Intention